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Standalone Training Plans

I offer online Standalone Training Plans, supported by online, group coaching - see below, as well as 

personalised plans, accompanied by 1:1 coaching and plan updates



10 years of run and triathlon coaching with a wide range of athletes, from couch to 5k to Ironman, 1:1 to clubs. 


Qualified PT, specialising in S&C for runners and triathletes to build speed and avoid injuries.


Mental Health & Exercise coach. Passionate about role of exercise in mental health and importance of mindset in reaching goals.

Effective Training Plans

Plans delivered online via free market leading app, Training Peaks. Option to sync with training watch. 

Plans supplemented by videos/ audio addressing common questions at key stages of the plan, plus body weight S&C plan. 

Sessions include specific intensity guidance (e.g. for pace) so that training is effective, personalised and takes out the guess work. 

Online group coaching support 

All plans include membership of the Feel Fit Training Club. 


Facebook group with regular group calls on key issues plus opportunity for you to ask questions. 


Join the calls live and view all previous recordings. 


 plan add-ons

Discounts* on:

- 1:1 coaching calls (for training advice, nutrition, mindset etc) to kick start your plan or for when you need additional support

- Club Feel Fit - weekly, live S&C classes, developed for runners and triathletes. More info 

- Premium Training Peaks - move sessions on your plan, data analysis and more. More info

* See info plus discounts

Order Training Plans 

Not sure which plan is right for you?  Cant find the plan you're looking for?  Or got other questions? Watch this video, see FAQs below, drop me a message or book in a free 20 min call >> see below for contact details.  


Important notes: 

- After purchase, please set up a Training Peaks account (very simple to do) and connect to me on there – follow instructions here. I can’t upload your plan until you do this

- Plans are manually added. Please allow 24 working hours after purchase (and linking with me on Training Peaks) for your plan to be added to your Training Peaks account



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I want more /less weeks than on the plan 


I'd love to hear from you 


If your questions isn't answered below or you're not sure which is the right plan for you, give me a shout or book in a free call – see contact details below. 


Can you tell me more about the additional support available and relevant discounts

- Yep, see here for details 

I’m not sure if it’s the right plan for me

In this video I explain the difference between the different levels of plan support I offer and how to choose the right plan for you from among my Standalone Plans. If in doubt I would recommend going for the easier plan, you are more likely to be able to keep to it with less risk of injury. 

- Race plans - All my plans give an indication of how many weeks you will need until race day and what training I recommend you are already doing before you start the plan.  

- Base plans - Check recommended existing training and guidance given in plan details. 

What should I do if I don’t have the recommended existing training / numbers of weeks until race day?

- If you’re just out by small amount then you should be able to bridge up to where you need to be. If you’re prone to injury or there’s a big jump up needed then I’d recommend going for an easier plan or booking a coaching call where we can discuss how you can update your training plan (bear in mind you may also need to update your race goals).  Or you may want to consider a more personalised plan that is written specifically for you and accompanied by coaching.

When should I start the plan?

- See the plan notes for the recommended number of weeks. All plans start when they go live on your Training Peaks account (usually 24 working hours after purchase) and for race plans end on race day. If you want the plan to start later then just add a note when asked about the end date during purchase.

- Where possible, I recommend buying the plan before you are due to start so that you can see what you'll be doing in the first few weeks, and where necessary, build up to it. It's also advisable to start a few weeks earlier than needed because you're likely to miss some of the longer runs along the way (injury, illness, social plans etc) so this gives you the ability to catch up without squeezing in sessions (as long as you are happy updating your plan to account for this). 

What days are sessions on? Can I change them? 

See training plan details. Coaching videos include guidance on what to bear in mind if changing days. With a free Training Peaks account you can move the sessions on your plan after they've happened. To move sessions on your Training Plan in advance you will need Premium Training Peaks access, discounted access available, or just make a note for yourself regarding what day you plan to do sessions.

What kit do I need? 

For plans with structured intervals, a training watch or similar to see your pace is highly recommended, but I tell you how hard they should feel as well, so it's not essential. For tri plans with structured intervals I also recommend an indoor bike (turbo, Wattbike etc), for more details on bike set up for turbo training see this quick video

Beyond that it depends on the plan, see Kit Needed under plan details for more info. 


I'd love to hear from you 


Haxby, York

Book complimentary 20 min consultation  to discuss training options

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