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Club Feel Fit - Online strength and conditioning training club for runners and triathletes

Want to get stronger, faster and avoid injuries? Then strength and conditioning is key!

Through my online classes, developed specifically for runners and triathletes of ALL levels, you’ll learn key exercises and develop your technique from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Sessions are developed to reduce the loss of mobility, muscle mass and bone density as we get older (especially important for women) which as well as impacting performance, can impact our quality of life. 

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Club Feel Fit includes: 

  • Weekly Strength and Conditioning sessions – includes mobility, stability and strength exercises. Weights optional.

  • Sessions are 60 mins but can easily be split into 2 sessions I) Essentials session 2) Strength and Power to fit with your schedule and goals 

  • New session each week 

2 membership options:

  • Club Feel Fit On Demand - £10 per month, prerecorded to play when suits you, new class uploaded each week, plus access to library of previous sessions. (Sessions best viewed online but also available by email if reliable internet access is an issue). 

  • Club Feel Fit Full - £20 per month, also includes a weekly live Zoom session (currently 7am Thursday), so I can help you with technique and any questions, as well Club Feel Fit On Demand. 

Suitable for all:

- You don't need any kit to get started, just some space free of trip hazards. For suggested kit as you go on, see below. 

- Sessions are suitable for all levels, even if you've never done S&C before. We kick off a new block every 2 months, going back to basics at the start of the block, and progressing over the following weeks. 

- Sessions are suitable for all ages (over 18). I am passionate that age is a number and doesn't define us and moving well and supporting our body is far more important than our date of birth. My sessions are developed to help retain muscle, bone density and mobility and reduce the impacts of aging. 

To book into classes once you've signed up: 

  • For Zoom class booking: Download the Spaces by Wix App (see your App store) or book below 

Suggested kit: 

You don't need anything to get started other than a yoga mat sized area with a non slip surface where nothing will fall no you/ you on it, but here's some of the kit we use most often: 

  • Thigh band - really useful, cheap bit of kit used in most sessions - I use the medium/ red ones from Physio Room

  • Foam roller and /or ball for rolling (e.g. spikey ball, tennis ball, lacrosse ball or my favourites Black Roll

  • Step - can be a step in the house, or a fat book, for doing calf raises etc on

  • Chair - sometimes for standing or stepping up on, sitting onto, other times for balance or resting foot on etc 

  • Weights - long term I recommend getting some weights, but no rush. I'd advise ones that are adjustable so you can use heavier weights as you get stronger 

  • Theraband/ resistance band - for adding resistance if you don't have weights or want something lighter


I'd love to hear from you 


Haxby, York

Book complimentary 20 min consultation  to discuss training options

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