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First choose your plan

All my plans are

  • personalised to you, to fit with your goals, level of fitness and availability and taking account of factors such as menstrual cycle where needed 

  • accompanied by monthly coaching calls to address training issues, nutrition, mindset and motivation etc

  • written by me, based on over a decade of coaching helping clients achieve their goals


Monthly coaching call


Monthly training plan on Training Peaks


Training plan review and updates 


Light Touch 

Monthly, alongside coaching call 

Monthly call 

Full Support 


Weekly email as well as monthly call

Then add any additional support:

Club Feel Fit 

Weekly online Strength and Conditioning classes developed specifically to help runners and triathletes avoid injury and get faster.


Choose between live Zoom classes or On Demand to replay when you want. More info. 

Feel Fit Foundations

Covers key foundations to optimise your training as well as your health.

Available as 1:1 coached programme or group programme. 

Race Ready Upgrade

Ensure you go into race day with a tried and tested race day plan including nutrition, hydration, pacing, mindset, kit. 

Plus know how to avoid common risks when building up your training.

Next steps: 

Either book in a free call or fill in my contact form so I can answer any questions, check I've got availability, and then let's get started! ​

Got a question?

Looking for something different?

If these options don’t suit you I also offer a turbo only plan and a Lighter Touch plan with less support, as well as my Standalone Plans (one off payment, standard plan, rather than personalised to you).

Read what my clients say: 

Want to know more? 

More about me:

  • I am a L3 British Triathlon, L2 Training Peaks coach, Mental Health and Exercise coach and qualified Personal Trainer with a decade of coaching experience. 

  • I coach athletes of all abilities and experience, from couch to 5k to Age Group and Ironman and beyond. 

  • I am passionate about working on mindset so you can get the best out of yourself and life, building the foundations for training and a happy, healthy life and coaching women as women, accounting for their hormones and physiology. 

  • I have raced Age Group, Ironman and cycling ultras. 

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