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If you’ve got a solid running background but are new to the distance or dont want to add speed intervals on top of your Half Marahon pace work then this is the plan for you. We start off at easy pace, then after a 5 or 10k time trial to set your pace, we add in half marathon paced running.


As with all my Standalone Plans, it also includes coaching support materials (video, audio, pfds) on key issues affecting training such as avoiding injuries, pacing, nutrition, S&C, as well as membership of the Feel Fit Training Club and discounts on additional support options.


Why no intense speed work/ intervals?

You’ll definitely find the half marathon pace work pretty challenging as the distance builds but there’s no additional short, fast interval sessions in this plan.  For the vast majority of runners, what limits us is not our top end speed, but our aerobic capacity, and our body's ability to absorb training without getting injured or worn out. We can train both of these more effectively by simply building up the distance, whilst keeping the pace easy, and therefore putting less strain on the body, which is why I recommend this plan for those new to the distance, who struggle with recovery or are prone to injuries. We stop things getting too ‘ploddy’ with some strides to break up longer runs. 


Important note:

- After purchase, check confirmation email/ notes on plans homepage to set up and connect to me on Training Peaks, I can't add your plan until you do this.

Half Marathon – including race pace

  • Flexible, plan is applied to end on your chosen race date.

    Recommended as 12-16 (max) weeks . Suitable for those already running at least 20-25k/ 12.5-15 miles per week, with longest run at least 10k/ 6.5 miles.

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