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About Me 

Hi, I’m Lucy Hurn. I’m a Triathlon Coach, Mental Health and Exercise Coach, Transformative Life Coach, Personal Trainer and endurance athlete, and I’m passionate about helping you achieve your goals, from your first 5k run, up to Ironman and beyond.​


I strongly believe that it’s not just about your time over the finish line, but how you got there. I want you to enjoy your training, and I believe for you to be happy and healthy, your training must be in balance with, rather than competing with, the rest of your life.​


If you're interested in finding out more, book in a complimentary call with me to find out more about working together. 

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Triathlon Coach 

I am a Level 3 British Triathlon Foundation coach and Level 2 Training Peaks coach, based in York, UK, and have a wide variety of experience.


I write personalised training plans, specifically developed for you, so it fits in with, rather than competes with your life, and includes the right level of training for your body and goals, making it easier to keep to the plan and to prevent you feeling drained or picking up injuries.  


I currently coach with York Triathlon Club, having previously being Head Coach for three clubs in London and Surrey. ​​

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Mental Health and Exercise and Transformative Life Coach 

I am a qualified Mental Health and Exercise Coach, helping to maximise your mental health through exercise, as well as helping you develop your mindset to support your exercise and get the most out of life. I started running and then triathlon for my mental health, and saw how it changed my life, and am passionate about helping others experience these same benefits. 

I am an accredited Transformative Life Coach, and as well as offering specific life coaching packages, I bring this approach to all my coaching, helping you to identify and resolve the barriers preventing you from achieving your goals. 

Personal training and prehab/rehab 

I am a qualified level 3 Personal Trainer and worked for Virgin Active in some of their premium clubs for four years, and was invited to help them develop their triathlon offer in one of their flagship City clubs. 

I specialise in triathlon and endurance sports-specific training and prehab/ rehab for running and triathlon injuries, as well as general fitness and weight loss. 

I offer online strength and conditioning training sessions, general PT and also Club Feel Fit - weekly group online strength and conditioning classes for runners and triathletes. 

I am passionate about coaching women and addressing the impact of factors such as female hormones and physiology in my training plans and coaching, as well as the obstacles women face in getting to the start line. 

I bring my own experience from racing. I have competed at the Worlds and Europeans (Olympic distance), Ironman, and more recently have entered the world of self-supported ultra cycle racing. 


I also have experience of the other side of the coin. I came to exercise late in life, and am all too familiar with the feeling of being new to a sport, and thinking everyone else is better and trying to combine training with a full time office job.

About me: About Me
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