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This 12 week base plan is perfect for those who are new to triathlon but not completely new to the disciplines (you should be able to ride a bike and swim at least a few lengths front crawl). All the sessions in the plan are at an easy pace, and we gradually build distance/ time.


The plan includes 2 of each tri discipline (swim, bike, run) and 1 x S&C. Guidance is given in the coaching videos in the plan on how to swap sessions for club sessions etc or cut back sessions if you prefer less sessions per week.


The plans also includes technique development, with drills on the swim, and technique drills, including video coaching, on the turbo sessions. If you are literally learning to swim crawl then I suggest a few lessons before starting the plan, but if you’ve got the basics then my drills will help you develop your technique.


As with all my Standalone Plans, it also includes coaching support materials (video, pfds) on key issues affecting training such as avoiding injuries, pacing, nutrition, S&C, as well as membership of the Feel Fit Training Club and discounts on additional support options


Important note:

- After purchase, check confirmation email/ notes on plans homepage to set up and connect to me on Training Peaks, I can't add your plan until you do this

New to tri, all easy/Z2

  • 12 weeks.

    The plan starts at around 5 hours per week:

    Swim (800m longest, 1500m total)

    Bike: (1:45 mins total)

    Run: (5k longest, 9k total)

    S&C:1 hour

    And rises to c. 8 hours per week (depending on pace) with longest session as:

    S: Slow build to 1500m

    B: 2 hours easy outdoor ride + 1 hour indoor

    R: 8km

    S&C: 1 hour

    If you aren’t already training at (approx.) these distances request a later start date and spend some time building up to week 1 distances first.

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