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Setting up and Syncing up on Training Peaks

You'll need a Training Peaks account so I can set your training plan. 

Follow this link to connect to me as your coach on Training Peaks. This will allow me to see any previous training, plans, notes etc.

If you already have a Training Peaks account use that .


If you don’t, then you'll need to register for an account. You get a free trial of the premium account but you don't need to sign up for the premium account beyond that, the free one is fine.


Then sync your data up (DO accept it loading your previous training). 

NB Only sync from one source, ideally the direct source where the data was recorded, otherwise you’ll end up with multiple recordings for the same session.

To set up your Training Peaks account go click on your name in the top right hand corner and adjust the settings to suit you (e.g. metric units vs imperial, whether you get notifications of your work out by email, the time of day that you get the notification). 


I’d advise downloading the Training Peaks app onto your phone so that you have access to it when you’re out. And if you are on Garmin you may also want to set it up so that you can download your workouts to your Garmin -

Setting up and syncing Training Peaks: Text
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