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My new run technique course will help you develop your running with pre-recorded videos and audio coaching that take you through drills and exercises to build strength and form, as well as build your knowledge of how to get the most out of your training. 

Run technique course

  • The 5-week run technique course includes:

    • A new video each week to introduce that week's topic, including the importance of hips and glutes, avoiding over striding, posture, and a specific focus on both the upper body and lower leg and foot. Each video takes you through specific exercises and drills related to the issue
    • 2 audio recordings per week to listen to during easy pace runs, revisiting the drills from the video and putting the technique into action, using cues and visualisation
    • A booklet (pdf) to summarise what we’ve covered in the videos and audio recordings, in case you miss anything

    Plus a

    • S&C plan with video
    • Video on foam rolling
    • Video on stretching
    • Weekly course overview with session details *


    * Please note the course does NOT include a run plan telling you how far to run, instead we are focussing on how you run. I give you guidance on how to build up your running safely during the course, or there is an optional ‘course + plan’ option.

    - It takes time to develop your technique. Be prepared to put in more time than the 5 weeks of the course. And I would not advise trying to change your run technique if you have a race in the next few months. 

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