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Podcasts and further information

Here's a list of some podcasts with great information on some key topics, ready to listen to on your next workout. I stooped updating this a few years ago and instead now post podcasts to my social media pages, see  and

For further details on the podcasts that I reference the most, see the bottom of the page. 

Women's Training 

Special considerations for women to maximise training and health 

Covering it all! 


Menstrual cycle 

  • Female Athlete Podcast #1 - Back to basics: A 'normal' menstrual cycle and why we need to open up the conversation

  • Female Athlete Podcast #2 - Mapping your menstrual cycle, nutrition and can you exercise whilst on your period?

  • Physical Performance Show, #244 - Nicky Keay - hormone health and performance

  • Oxygen Addict # 193 Blood, Sweat and Gears



  • - podcasts, info sheets, info and training for your doctor and more 

  • - brilliant Ch4 documentary, essential viewing for all 

  • Hit Play Not Pause #41: Estrogen Matters (i.e. the case for HRT) with Avrum Bluming, MD & Carol Tavris

  • The Inside Tri Show #81: Dr Bella Smith and Baz Moffat: How to survive the menopause

  • Hit Play Not Pause #1: Breaking Down the Science with Dr. Stacy Sims 

  • Hit Play Not Pause #7: Rise Above the Menopocalypse with Amanda Thebe 

  • Physical Performance Show, #244, 43 mins in - Nicky Keay - hormone health and performance (incl HRT - 47.55, response from RCOG referenced) 

  • Oxygen Addict # 218 Menopause Special


  • The Inside Tri Show #29 - Helle Frederiksen: Food, fuelling and periods


Pelvic floor health

  • Hit Play Not Pause #6: Stop the Leaks with Chloë Murdock 

  • Female Athlete Podcast - Pelvic Health: Pregnancy, postpartum, pelvic floor

  • Female Athlete Podcast - Pelvic Health: What is it, breaking down the taboo and how Umi is helping educate women


Menstrual Dysfunction 

  • Period Power Podcast #27: Real Life Experiences of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder or PMDD.

  • Female Athlete Podcast - Menstrual Dysfunction part I - Endometriosis,  ovarian cysts, fibroids and endometrial polyps

  • Female Athlete Podcast - Menstrual Dysfunction part II - Pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder, heavy bleeding, polycystic ovary syndrome 


Fuelling for life, training and racing

General nutrition 

  • Almost anything from the Fuel the Pedal podcast, and Sigma Nutrition Radio (podcast)

  • Physical Performance Show #155 - Andrew Hall – Nutrition for performance & injury management.

Fuelling training and racing 

  • Physical Performance Show #290 - Andy Blow - Carbohydrate fuelling for training and racing 

  • Physical Performance Show #178 - Trent Stellingwerff - Fuelling for endurance sports & Energy Availability

  • Physical Performance Show #231 - Prof Patrick Wilson -The Athlete’s Gut 

  • Fuel the Pedal 23&24 - Patrick Wilson again!

The case for fuelling your training

  • Ask A Cycling Coach podcast #280 

  • The Inside Tri Show #29 - Helle Frederiksen


The importance of nutrition for recovery 

  • Ask A Cycling Coach podcast #289 on Recovery Drinks


  • Successful Athletes Podcast #29 - Recovering From Overtraining with Triathlete Jamie Berry 

Fuel for the work required, low carb training etc

  • Fuel the Pedal - James Moreton - The groundwork of Performance Nutrition in Pro cycling: Part 1 and 2 

The microbiome

Rest and recovery 

How to maximise your training through improved rest and recovery 


  • Physical Performance Show, #190 - Assoc Prof Dr Shona Halson: Athlete performance & recovery

  • Physical Performance Show #187 - Christie Aschwanden, Author of What the Athlete in All of Us Can Learn from the Strange Science of Recovery

Heart Rate Variability (or HRV) 

  • Oxygen Addict #207 Simon Wegerif On Heart Rate Variability - a good intro to the subject 

  • Oxygen Addict #285 Dr. Marco Altini On Heart Rate Variability - a great explanation of how doing less, based on HRV, can give better results 

S&C and Injury Avoidance 

How to stay strong and stay consistent 

Injury Avoidance 

  • Physical Performance Show, #239 and 240 - Oli Williamson, Senior Physiotherapist, British Triathlon 


  • Inside Tri Show #51 - Kriss Hendy: Get Stronger to go faster

  • Female Athlete Podcast: Biomechanics: Reducing injury, running technique & tips on how to improve

Sports Psychology 

How to maximise results through the power of your mind

Different tips and techniques 


From the athletes perspective 

Covid and Return to Play

Return to play after Covid

The importance of not rushing back to training too soon 

  • Oxygen Addict podcast #361 - 18 mins in for quick summary on return to play post Covid 

  • Oxygen Addict podcast #325 - COVID Recovery For Triathletes, With Dr. Anton Krige

  • Inside Tri Show #67 - Covid special: Dr Rebecca Robinson and Dr Tamsin Lewis 

  • Oxygen Addict podcast #326 - Chris Silver - Welsh Commonweath Games Triathlete's Battle With Long Covid

Inspirational stories 

Athlete stories 

  • Physical Performance Show, #251 - Top featured performers 2020

  • Inside Tri Show #49 - Chrissie Wellington 

Overcoming adversity

  • Inside Tri Show #37 - Farid Noori: Afghanistan's Olympic Mountain Bike Hopeful

  • Inside Tri Show #21 - Claire Danson 

  • Inside Tri Show #11 - Control how you live today: Luke Grenfell-Shaw

  • Oxygen Addict #268 Tom Crossland - The 90 Day, 3500km Ultra Run To Refuge

Kick arse stories 

  • .....

Bike fit 

Bike fit 

  • Physical Performance Show # 242 - Phil Burt (52 mins - saddle fit) 

  • Inside Tri Show # 43 - Mike Taylor: Spend smarter, go faster

Aero Gains 

  • That triathlon show #229  - Dan Bigham – aerodynamic testing, equipment, and making your bike fast (very geeky start, fast forward to 33 mins for top tips, or see

  • Oxygen Addict #327 - Matt Bottrill - Time Trialling For Triathletes - Special Edition

Some of my favourite podcasts

The Physical Performance Show with Brad Beer -

Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast -

Successful Athletes Podcast -

The Inside Tri Show -

VeloNews Fast Talk -

Oxygen Addict podcast -

Women's Training Specific 

The Female Athlete Podcast -

Hit Play Not Pause -

Nutrition specific 

Fuel the Pedal podcast -

Sigma Nutrition Radio -

Stronger By Science Podcast -


Heart Health

  • The Inside Tri Show #56 Dr Michael Papadakis - Endurance athletes and the heart

  • Fast Talk # 40: Too much of a good thing? Heart arrhythmias in endurance athletes with Dr. John Mandrola and Lennard Zinn

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