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More Miles for Mike

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Last year, Mike, my boyfriend's best mate crashed on his bike and broke his back, paralysing him from the chest down.

But despite this completely life changing injury, he's not letting it stop him getting on with his life. Last time we saw him he was running the start gate on a mountain bike race at the top of a very steep hill which he'd got up in his wheelchair. And when he was telling me how, when he goes to CrossFit each week, he's adapted the burpees so he can do them from his wheelchair - this is the guy with the best excuse ever to get out of burpees, and he refused to opt out!

He's been told by doctors that he needs a 'standing frame' that would allow him to 'stand' for up to an hour every few days, massively helping to improve his circulation, digestive system and bone density, all of which will help to prolong his life. But it costs £980 and isn't available on the NHS or insurance, and they've already spent a small fortune adapting the house so he can live in it.

So me and Hector (my boyfriend) are hoping the raise the money through a series of stupid cycling challenges. Hector is riding the National 24 hour TT Championships where he'll try to ride 700km in 24 hours.

And I'm planning

  • to ride solo and unsupported from London-Lands End-London (1000km+) in 3 days (to put that in context, this years 250km Tour de France stage was the longest in 20 years. I'll be trying to do almost double that on my first day. And yes I'll go a bit slower, but I'll have no riders to draft or team car to carry my kit).

  • to ride All Points North, a self-supported, ultra-distance, cycle race covering 10 check points from Sheffield to Hadrian's Wall (another approx 1000km+)

(and then given that I'll have done London to Lands End and Sheffield to the Scottish border, I guess I better fill in the London to Sheffield bit as well).

I'd be so appreciative if you'd be able to make a small donation. I know its a bit funny donating to a person rather than an organised charity but I'm sure if you met Mike for even a few minutes and saw his attitude and passion for life, you'd be more than happy to give - (links to Hector's fundraising page).

You can follow my progress (or lack of!) on Instagram, Facebook or Strava.

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