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Don't let the cold limit your winter runs

It's getting pretty cold again but don't let that stop you running! A few bits of kit, that don't need to be expensive, can make all the difference. I have Raynauds and regularly get numb fingers even in summer, but these few key points keep me comfortable:

❄️ Layers, layers, layers - always have something you can strip down to if you get too hot, but then layer up on top. I'll have 1-2 thin tops or merino base layers over a t-shirt or vest

❄️ Zip necks and buffs/snoods are great for easy temperature adjustments. I go for one on my head and another round my neck, as I get warmer they come off, but I can pop them back on if it gets colder

❄️ For me gloves are essential - on very cold days I have silver thread (heat retaining) gloves liners with merino gloves on top so they dont get too sweaty. If it gets even colder I just have my hand in a fist inside the palm of the glove.

❄️ No big sweaters or heavy rainjackets - stick to light layers

🌧️ When it rains it's usually warmer so for a short run I'll just get wet, but if I'm out for longer or the conditions are more changeable then carry a light jacket in case

❄️ I carry a light bag with me when I'm into layers season so I can just dump them in there, it's far less sweaty or noticeable than tied round my waist

🔆 Be safe - as it gets darker and icy and slippy, stay safe. Always carry a phone, make sure you're visible (I prefer a hi viz harness), with head torch if needed.

🏋️‍♀️ And make sure your S&C includes some side ways movements, hopping etc, preparing you for changing direction, hopping over puddles and feet slipping out under you.

Happy running!

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