Not sure which plan is best for you?

Book a free 15 min consultation where we can go over the options and discuss what's best for you. 

All of my training plans include:

  • A monthly 1:1 coaching call where we review training to date, upcoming training, plus other issues related to training such as nutrition, mindset, recovery, skills and technique etc 

  • A bespoke training plan, tailored to you, your availability, fitness levels, preferences etc, and including skills, drills, mental focus and strength and conditioning options 

  • Monthly group coaching calls 

  • Personalised support and coaching from a L3 British Triathlon and L2 Training Peaks coach, qualified Personal Trainer and trainee Mental Health and Exercise coach. 

Choose the best support package for you, depending on your goals, history and needs:


£160 per month

In addition to the above includes

  • Weekly review of training sessions

  • Weekly email and plan updates as needed 

  • Full, complimentary membership of Club Feel Fit (weekly online strength and conditioning classes) 

The perfect plan for you if you want: 

  • Accountability and assurance of your training being reviewed 

  • Frequent plan updates (e.g. history of injury, unpredictable or demanding job, don’t always stick to a plan) 

  • Or if you have a demanding race goal and need tailored, regular and updated support 


£100 per month

Light Touch+ plan - coming soon

More support and flexibility than the Light Touch plan by including: 

  • Additional mid-month 30 min check in call

  • Updates to key sessions, as needed, following mid-month call

  • Complimentary Facebook access to Club Feel Fit or discounted membership of full Club Feel Fit 

The perfect plan for you if you want: 

  • More support and flexibility than LT without the time and financial investment of the FS plan

Not available for build months of IM, please see Full Support plan instead.

Coming in 2022 - book a 15 min complimentary call for more details. 

Light Touch+ plan - coming soon


£65* per month

In contrast to Full Support, the Light Touch plan

  • Is based on a standard weekly structure

  • Does not include weekly training support or plan updates between coaching calls 

  • Includes access to members-only online resources including skills, drills and mindset exercises

  • Includes discounted membership of Club Feel Fit or 4 month body weight plan with videos

The perfect plan for you if you want: 

  • More than just an off the shelf training plan

  • 1:1 coaching support  and bespoke training sessions based on you and your availability

  • But costing less time and money than a more tailored plan


Not available for build months of IM, HIM or marathon plan, or for very specific race goals. 

Also available on bi-monthly basis: £50/month, 1:1 calls and plan updates every 2 months. 

And turbo-only: £30: monthly, £25 bi-monthly. 


Plan Options Summary 

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