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Feel Fit Foundations

Build the foundations for your training as well as your health and wellbeing with Feel Fit Foundations.

Three month online course with monthly live Masterclasses and drop in coaching calls, covering:

  • How to build your training safely and effectively, reducing the chance of getting ill or injured

  • How to maximise your training as a woman, working with your menstrual cycle to get the most out of your training, as well as what to watch out for that traditional sports advice, based on men, doesn’t tell you

  • Strength and conditioning guidelines, specific for women, including peri-post menopausal women

  • Master your mindset, building a mindset that works for you so you get the best out of yourself rather than constantly criticising or comparing yourself to others

  • Nutrition and Recovery – how to nourish and support your body

Who is it for?

Are you a woman who is interested in running, triathlon, cycling (at any level, you don’t have to be at the hardcore end!) and wants to build the foundations to allow you to get the most out of your training whilst building your mental and physical health.

  • Do you want to build your health and fitness with some simple, fad-free advice?

  • Do your training plans keep getting derailed because you get ill or injured?

  • Do you feel stuck between knowing that your training helps you to feel better but lack the energy to put into it? 

  • Are you short on time and want to maximise your results?

  • Or are you building up for a big year of training this year? 

Then Feel Fit Foundations is for you!

Who is it not for?

Those who are looking for a magic wand – I’m afraid there isn’t one, getting the best out of yourself will take some time and focus, but the results are worth it!

Men, sorry guys, the live course is a women-only space. But if you’re interested, let me know (contact details below), I’m also developing an alternative version of the course.

Special launch offer

This is the first time I'm running the course in this format. In return for a very special launch price I will just ask for a few quick bits of feedback as we go along to help me improve the course for you. 

FFF testimonials (1).png
I’d recommend this course to anyone interested in improving their fitness. I’ve learnt so
  • Feel Fit Foundations - single payment

    One off payment to access the course
    Valid for 3 months
  • Feel Fit Foundations-monthly payment x3

    Every month
    Pay monthly to spread the payments
    Valid for 3 months
What does it include and when are sessions:

Monthly live Masterclass with Q&A 

  • Month 1 - March - Training Principles 

  • Month 2 - April - Master your Mindset

  • Month 3 - May - Nutrition and Recovery

- via Zoom, first Wednesday of the month, 7-8.30pm

Live drop in coaching calls to discuss that month's topic or any issues you're having

- third Wednesday of the month from 7pm

Member only website with call recordings, webinar slides and progress check ins. 

Bonus sessions and resources including "Race Ready Kick Off " - how plan for race day success, including pacing, nutrition, hydration, kit and mindset. 

Free Club Feel Fit on Demand - my weekly online S&C classes for runners and triathletes, to watch when you want.

Discounts on: 

Club Feel Fit Full - includes live Zoom classes (50% off) 

- Standalone Training Plans (50% off) 

- Personalised training plans and coaching calls (25% off your first 2 months) 

- Life Coaching sessions 


I’m not sure it’s for me, I don’t do a lot of training

If exercise is part of your life (or you would like to make exercise more part of your life) then it’s for you.  

It’s not (just) for the fastest or those with big training goals. It’s about helping exercise add value to our lives, improving our mental and physical health, rather than being another stick to beat ourselves with for not getting it ‘right’ or doing ‘enough’ or leaving us on the injury bench.

I’m not sure it’s for me, I do/ don’t follow a training plan

If you don’t follow a training plan then it’s definitely for you - I cover the basic principles on how to get the most out of your training to stop you making the common mistakes I see from those not on a plan. Plus if you're interested in a plan, you'll get a discount for my Standalone Training plans and Personalised Plans. 

If you have an uncoached training plan then again I’d recommend it so you can benefit from those basic principles when updating your plan.

If you are a coached athlete then I’d speak to your coach first.

And don’t forget, whether you are coached or not, the second two modules on mindset and nutrition and recovery go far beyond training, giving you information and skills for life.

I have my own training plan/ coach, can I join? 

It’s certainly something that can support and add value to off the shelf training plans, but if you have your own coach or personal trainer, I would discuss with them first.

I can't join live, will the sessions be recorded? 

The webinars will be recorded.

Will the course run again? 

That’s certainly my intention but it wont be until after the main race season and it wont be available at this special launch price in the future. 

You said the course hasn't run like this before, how have you got testimonials? 

I am currently running the course on a 1:1 basis. The content for this new course is very similar, it's just the delivery format that has changed to allow a more cost effective option. If you want 1:1 support you can book coaching calls to support the course as we go long. 

I'm non binary, can I join? 

Give me a shout on the contact details below and let's discuss 


I'd love to hear from you 


Haxby, York

Book complimentary 20 min consultation  to discuss training options

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