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How I Can Help You Meet Your Goals

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I write training plans accompanied by coaching, as well as standalone training plans, personal training and online S&C classes for runners and triathletes. 

My focus is not just writing a training plan but working with you to ensure your training adds value to your life and you get to start line happy and healthy.

If you want to know more, book in a free call and let's chat! 

How I can help: Classes

Triathlon Coaching and Training Plans 


I offer two types of training plans: 

1) Personalised training plans - designed for you – taking account of your current fitness, your goals and what’s going on in the rest of your life, and accompanied by monthly 1:1 coaching calls to update your plan and discuss key issues, from mindset and motivation to nutrition to technique and specific race day issues. 

2) Standalone plans - a more affordable option, which whilst not bespoke to you, are supported by video coaching answering common questions, plus membership of my online training club with group coaching calls.

What sets my approach apart from so many other training plans, is that:

  • They are accompanied by coaching - to help you get the most out of the time you put in 

  • They focus on mindset and nutrition as well as the physical training - a perfect plan is useless if you're lacking the motivation to get it done or not fuelling right

  • Based on my training as a Mental Health and Exercise coach - rather than just focussing on race day results my aim is to get you there happy and healthy 

Strength and Conditioning 

Want to get stronger, faster, avoid injuries and support your body as you get older?


Then strength and conditioning is key! 


I offer 1:1 online PT and online group classes.


Raising money for a great cause? I'd love to help

If you're doing an endurance race for a cause you love I'd love to help. Book in free 45 min consultation call to discuss any questions or issues you're having. We can discuss how to set up your training, what to eat, race day wobbles...whatever you want. 

  • 45 min coaching call. Call is via Zoom, see booking email for details.

    45 min


I'd love to hear from you 


Haxby, York

Book complimentary 20 min consultation  to discuss training options

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