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Training Plan Options

Not sure on the best option for you? Book in a free 20 min call 

First Choose a Plan

 Personalised Plan

 Designed for you – taking account of your current fitness, your goals and what’s going on in the rest of your life, and accompanied by monthly 1:1 coaching calls to discuss training and update the plan.

Standalone Plan

One off payment for non bespoke plan. A more affordable option. Whilst not tailored to you, it's supported by video coaching and monthly, group coaching calls. 

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Then add any additional support:

Club Feel Fit

Weekly online Strength and Conditioning classes developed specifically to help runners and triathletes avoid injury and get faster. Choose between live classes or to replay when you want. 

Feel Fit Foundations

Four month programme delivered through 1:1 monthly calls to discuss the key foundations for your training and general health (free, extra month for women to cover specific training guidance)

Race Ready 

My Race Ready support package covers all the key components to ensure you are ready for your race. 

Personalised plan options:

Full Support plan:

  • Fully personalised plan

  • Weekly review of training sessions

  • Weekly email and plan updates as needed 

  • 60 min monthly calls 

  • Full, complimentary membership of Club Feel Fit

The perfect plan if you want:

  • Accountability or assurance of weekly training reviews, regular contact or plan updates 

Light Touch plan:

  • Personalised plan based on weekly structure

  • Does not include training support or plan updates between monthly coaching calls 

  • 45 min monthly calls, 60 mins every quarter

  • Discounted membership of Club Feel Fit

The perfect plan if you want:

  • An introduction to personalised plans but less time and money than a fully tailored plan

  • Other plan options:

  • Light Touch turbo plan - turbo sessions only 

  • Light Touch Lighter - xxx


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