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My run technique course will help you develop your runnning with pre-recorded videos and audio coaching that take you through drills and exercises to build strength and form, as well as build your knowledge of how to get the most out of your training. 


The course plus plan option includes:

- 2 month training plan, giving you additional time to work on the technique, ending in optional time trial to set training zones and assess progress 

- The 5 week run course, plus 3 additional weeks to build on key issues for you 

- Bespoke run training plan including all run sessions, S&C and technique course, delivered online via Training Peaks

- 2 x 45 min coaching calls, one to set up the plan, and one to review progress and set up the next month , plus discount for optional additional calls. 

- This is a great offer, my monthly coaching plans are usually a minimum of £50/month, plus this includes the run course! 


Note: the plan is based on mostly easy running (plus S&C) to allow time to work on technique. If you're looking for a triathlon plan, or more a more complex run plan, I'm happy to include the run course within the first 2 months of a monhtly Light Touch or Full Support plan option, contact me for details. 


Given the time needed to write the plan, there are a limited number available per month. If you're interested but it's showing as out of stock, drop me an email.

Run technique course + run plan

  • A full run plan tailored to you, based on your current run volume and fitness, availability and goals, including:

    - The full run technique course, including at least 2 runs per week, the videos, audio recordings and S&C plan with videos

    - A coaching call at the beginning to discuss and set up your plan and another call, midway to review and discuss the forthcoming month

    - A discount for optional, additional coaching calls


    * Sessions are delivered via Training Peaks, the market-leading, online coaching platform (free to you to use), where you can view your workouts (and if you choose to) upload completed workouts

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