If you have any questions, please give me a shout. 


Or if you're also interested in running, alongside cycling, take a look at my new run technique course, and associated plan. The plan is usually limited to just running, but I'm happy to include cycling, alongside running, in a bespoke plan, for those who have completed the Intro to turbo course. 

Turbo 2 - Follow on Turbo Training plan

Finished the Intro to Turbo Training Plan?

Looking for some more structured bike training? 

Turbo 2 - Follow on Cycle Training Plan

Just £15 for a 10 week plan 

This plan is specifically for those who have completed the Intro to Turbo plan. 

It's a much simpler, but more challenging plan. 

As before the plan is all on Training Peaks. Each week it includes:

  • one zone 2 (easy) session (plus an optional, additional zone 2 session)

  • one sweet spot session, building up the duration of the intervals over time 

  • one outdoor ride a week

  • plus one S&C session (with video, as before)


There's no turbo videos with this plan, but there are notes giving you a suggested focus for each session, to build on skills you developed during the Intro plan, as well as notes on building your outdoor bike skills.


There's also the option of the infamous FTP test for those training with power (allowing you to track progress and more accurately set training zones). But as before, aside from the test, the plan will work with your choice of power, heart rate or perceived effort.

Take a peek at the plan here: 


plan 2.png