Thank you for purchasing your six week Intro to Turbo Training Plan 

Getting started 

First we'll need to connect on Training Peaks

Click here to link to me on Training Peaks << THIS IS IMPORTANT, please do it now, otherwise I can't upload your plan!

If you already have a Training Peaks account then use that.


If you don’t, then you'll need to register, it won't take long. You'll get a free trial of their premium account but I wouldn’t recommend that you need the premium account beyond that, the free one is fine.

Then I'll upload your plan 

It can take up to a day for the connection to come through on Training Peaks so don't worry if it doesn't appear straight away. 


The plan starts on a Wednesday so if there's time to start this week then I'll add it on for this week, otherwise it will start next week (don't worry, you can change days on the plan, I go through all this in session 1:2). 

And then you're good to go! You'll find all the details of the training plan, accompanying notes and coaching videos through the plan on Training Peaks. 


Happy Training!

Includes_ 6 week training plan 3 session

Reminder on the FAQs

Can I also cycle outside? The plan is written so that there’s limited recovery time needed between sessions so that it can complement outside riding (so long as that’s permitted where you are). At this point, given the severe overload on medical services in most parts of the world, I’m suggesting that people don’t cycle outside because of the potential for accidents, but that’s your choice.

Can I also run or do other exercise? Yes, although with the same provisos, of limiting the potential for accidents, and of course maintaining social distancing. And I'd advise taking measures to protect your own immune health in the context of Coronavirus(maintain one rest day per week, keep sessions low intensity and not too long, focus on recovery). 

*What technical set up do I need?

The only thing you need is an indoor cycle training option, typically a turbo, but could also be rollers or an indoor gym style bike or Wattbike. For more on turbo options, as well other top tips on turbo training, see my blog

To make the sessions more engaging, it can help to have a way to measure effort, so either heart rate or power, or a cadence metre (how fast your wheel is turning) and a way to see this whilst you train (e.g. turbo’s own app, training watch etc), but this is not essential and judging effort based on feel is a key skill.

You’ll need to sign up to Training Peaks (free account is fine) to see the training plan. If you can record your training sessions (e.g. on a Garmin or Wahoo etc) then you can upload the sessions to Training Peaks as well, but again, this is far from essential.

If you have a Garmin or Wahoo etc training watch or head unit (bike computer) you can play the training session so you get instructions in real time. Otherwise just have your phone or computer visible from the bike so you can follow the session on there.

If you’re wanting to play the coaching videos whilst you train (I talk you through the beginning of the session you’ll want to have a phone or computer where you can hear it on the bike.

What if I can’t finish the plan in the 6 weeks? Once you’ve bought the plan it’s yours, so you can do the sessions later on, or repeat the plan.

Is it like a spin session in the gym? Not really (depending on the sessions you’ve been to). There’s no music (though of course you can play that yourself), it’s not about bouncing up and down on the bike, and I definitely won't get you doing any bicep curls. This is much more about building your cycle fitness and technique through longer, structured intervals.

I'm new to turbo, but not to cycling, is this suitable for me?  The plan is based on your existing level of fitness so it’s suitable for more advanced cyclists as well. It may be less hours than you did outside, but structured training is far more efficient than unstructured outdoor cycling, so depending on what you did before, and how good your skills were before, you may well find you still get faster on this plan. I've had lots of feedback from more advanced cyclists that they've really valued the time to focus on skills. If you want to take advantage of the coaching but supplement the plan with additional training then that is of course an option.

I’ve never done strength and conditioning before, will it be too hard? I coach you through all the exercises on the plan, and start with easy exercises that build up as you go through the plan. 

I usually do weights workouts in the gym, will it be too easy? I’ve had lots of feedback from people who usually do weights workouts saying their glutes are on fire after a few weeks of body weight work! Plus I give options to make things harder or add in weights where appropriate.

Any more questions?

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