Getting ready for your turbo session 

Set up:

  • Login to Zoom before the session to ensure everything works 

  • Start off with your mike on so we can have a chat during the warm up, but have the controls close by so you can turn it off for the main set 


  • Turbo trainer or Wattbike or similar safely set up to fit you on steady floor etc​ - see my blog on choosing an indoor trainer 

  • Fan - highly advised - you'll get far hotter from indoor training, which reduces the power you can put out as your body is using energy trying to cool you down 

  • Towel

  • Water (potentially with electrolytes) 

  • Nutrition - you can work harder if you're well fuelled, so either eat in advance, or have something quick and easy to digest on the bike

  • Something to cover the bike (towel is fine) - sweat is corrosive  

Training Zones 

You can train by your choice of power, HR or feel. 

Training by feel 

Training by HR or power 

>> see my blog on setting training zones and on setting up your training watch/ bike computer with most useful fields 

Note on Zwift

In my coached turbo sessions I include quite a lot of cadence work, so it's not very helpful for you if you're grinding up a hill/whizzing down the other side on a Zwift hill. If you have the option, I'd turn it off, so you get used to riding with metrics from your watch/ bike computer that you would use in real life. 

But if you need it for virtual power etc then you can easily disable the resistance settings by going into Settings on Zwift and minimising trainer difficulty (you'll need to reset this each time you want to turn it on/off).