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Master your Mindset

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Sign up for the latest edition of Master your Mindset has now closed. 

If you're interested in future courses please drop me a message (see bottom of page for contact details) 

More on the course:

What does the voice in your head say? Has it got your back? Encouraging and motivating you towards meeting your goals? Or is it constantly criticising you? Saying you’re not good enough? That you’re bound to fail and it’s not worth trying to change? 

Are you happy, calm and relaxed with energy for the day? Or do you feel like life is passing you by? That you’re constantly stressed or worried, lacking energy for life, or waiting or something better to happen?


Despite all your best intentions to get your training done/ to stick to a healthy eating plan/ to cut back on drinking / to clear your to-do list…. do you get to the end of the day and feel like you've failed? Again?

My course helps you to start to hear beyond the ‘noise’ of unhelpful thoughts in your mind and instead to find a more positive way forwards, generating more positive behaviours and results, and helping you become more confident and content and achieve more*.

Don't just take my word for it! Those who just completed the last course are already seeing great results:

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Course overview: 

Your thoughts are not facts or inevitable.

Understand why we have negative thoughts, the negative impact they have and how we can begin to change them. 


  • I have taken the feedback from the 2022 course to make the 2023 format even better

  • A 12 week online course: interactive seminars, supplemented by informal coaching calls to discuss issues raised, and activities and listening list to work on between sessions to embed learning

  • Sessions are Tuesday at 7pm (sessions recordings available in Facebook group afterwards but I strongly recommend attending live when possible).

  • Facebook group to access calls, recordings and session notes, as well as share questions and learnings 

  • For full course outline, see FAQs. 


* If I had read this 2 years ago I would probably have thought ‘what a pile of codswallop’ or similar. But since training as a Mental Health and Exercise Coach, I’ve seen just how powerful changing my mindset can be for me and my clients. I am truly less stressed and happier than I’ve ever been and am helping clients make breakthroughs in areas where they'd previously been stuck. 

>> More info and FAQS

Feedback from participants on the 2022 Master your Mindset course: 


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