Ready for a Happier, Healthier You?

Traditionally January is about fad diets and unrealistic goals, which last a few weeks, before ending up in the bin, leaving you disillusioned and worse off than before.

We can do better than this! Let’s set some achievable goals with a sustainable path to get there.

Let’s get you eating, moving and feeling better.

Let’s get you Feeling Fit, not just for January but every day. 

How I can help - ​Option 1

Join Club Feel Fit for:

  • Weekly online workouts

  • Monthly coaching calls

  • My January ‘Beyond New Years Resolutions’ webinar

  • All for £10-20 a month 

How I can help - ​Option 2


Sign up for my Feel Fit package:

  • 8 online PT sessions (60 min each) to use in Jan and Feb*

  • 2 x coaching calls (45 mins each) to work through my 10 Steps to Weight Loss Success, Sustainable Lifestyle Changes (both based on building simple, long term changes and mindset rather than crash diets or fad solutions) or to discuss your training goals in more depth. 

  • Complimentary membership of Club Feel Fit Facebook group for Jan and Feb, with new workout uploaded each week and monthly live coaching calls, plus hundreds of existing Strength and Conditioning classes.

  • Package: £270 (or 2 x £135 monthly payments)

  • Limited number of packages available, book soon to guarantee a place 


To book: First let's check I have a PT slot free at a time that works for you. Either book a free 15 min call or fill in the form below with your preferred weekly session time options.

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*Conditions: One time offer. PT sessions via Zoom at an agreed time each week, sessions can be rearranged subject to availability and at least 24 hours notice. Limited number of peak time slots available. Suggested 1-2 PT sessions per week with majority of PT sessions to be completed before Feb. Coaching calls are off peak only (i.e. in the day). All sessions must be used within 3 months of booking. 


Why sign up? 

Exercise is vital for a healthy body and mind but the key factor in losing weight is diet.

And the key factor for sustained weight loss is a sustainable, every day diet, not ‘A Diet’ that you go on in January, and then revert back to the same old habits. Let's build sustainable habits so you never have to “go on a Diet” again.

Online coaching maximises your available time and minimises barriers ("I dont want to go out, it's cold", lockdown etc). You just need a yoga mat sized area of space and very minimal kit (chair and resistance bands very useful, weights helpful but not essential).

As well as being a qualified PT and Triathlon coach, I am training as a Mental Health and Exercise Coach, exploring how we can work with our minds to reduce the barriers to exercise and get the most benefits for minds and bodies.