Live, Online 3 Week Run Course

Learn the fundamentals of run technique, with drills and exercises to build technique and help avoid injury

Run specific exercises

Learn the exercises that will help you build a stronger running body, ready to bag that PB. 

Drills and technique

Each week we'll review a different aspect of running, supported by drills to help your body learn the movement. Drills will be supported by a handout so you can review the drills and implement before your own runs. 

Live lockdown learning 

The course will be delivered via Zoom, and limited to 8 people. Each week we'll review a new aspect of building stronger run form, supported by drills and exercises. 

Run course 

Current lock down rules means this is a great time to work on your skills. We presume we ‘know how to run’ because it’s something we’ve done since kids, but since kids we’ve also spent a hell of a lot of time sitting down, leaning over a computer, tightening up our hips and deactivating our glutes, and rounding our shoulders forwards so our centre of balance is displaced.

In this 3-week course you’ll learn the fundamentals of running gait plus a series of drills and exercises to help you progress your running and avoid injury.

What will I need?

Not a lot! This is a course based on the ‘new normal’. You just need a bit of space, ideally with a yoga mat. During the live sessions we’ll go the exercises and drills and you’ll get a handout summarising the drills, so that you can practice them, within your running afterwards. If you’re self-isolating, don’t worry, the drills are still excellent for building the mind-muscle connections, ready to implement as soon as you get outside again. I’ll also go over the exercises in my live S&C sessions so you’ll get to practice them again.

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